Una ragazza del baby boom britannico vuole rendermi ricco

I am Mrs Priscilla Frank 67 year old woman leaving in London the United Kingdom, I have been married and I do not have any children. I spent the 50 years of my life with a fine Gentleman Frank we meet when I was 14 and he was 17 in SHEFFIELD United Kingdom . We were both teenagers and we did not know what God had in stock for us, from the very first day I saw Frank until his death of in 2016 may his soul rest in peace, we decided to live for each other , without children and our families, it was just frank and i. Frank used to work for the BT( British Telecom Company ) and I was a school teacher , he went to United Arab Emirates in 1980 as a Telecom Engineer and was among the group of BT Engineers that did the telephone infrastructure of the United Arab Emirates, while I stayed back in London. He worked for the United Arab Emirates for over 20 years and he used to come back to London for holidays and to spend time with me. I truly miss him. My dear I am an old woman and I know my time to be with my frank for eternity is near because I have been diagnosed with having Ovarian Cancer , and I am only following Frank’s last will,

and testament in his will. I was informed in the month ofJun this year 2017 by a Law Firm in Cotonou Benin Republic that I was the sole benefactor of Frank’s will and he had placed instructions that I should be contacted if he is no more because Frank spent the last days of his life for execution of IT program in liaising with the French government in the West Africa country. I was surprised because this was the only thing Frank did not tell me in our life of over 50 years together. My dear the reason I am sending you this proposal is for you to understand that I am simple woman and I do not have much time anymore and frank has left for me the sum of $ 3,756.090.00
At first I was confused and I prayed to God for Guidance and this is the reason God has led me to you. I need someone I can trust with this funds someone with the a good heart that will help the poor I do not need this funds . These funds I have been told is currently deposited in a bank in Dubai and If you accept to help me I am ready to sign off these funds to you but you must assure me that you will use it to help to build a clinc Cancer center for the poor in memory of Frank. You can keep part of it as your commission and do good with the reat of it. Let me know if you are willing to help me in the memory of frank, so I can make the introduction between you and the law firm in Cotonou Benin Republic with the paper work that will facilitate the transfer of the Fund in Dubai

. Thanks you and God Bless you.
Mrs Priscilla Frank




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