L’impegno del Trentino in Aer


Trentino joined AER’s youth mobility program, Eurodyssey in 2018!! After the Eurodyssey Forum in April, everything will be in place, and they will be able to start to send and receive trainees across the Eurodyssey network.
Trentino has also greatly engaged with the AER Project Unit during last year, contributing for example to the development of projects on Cohesion Policy and Cultural Landscape and is also involved together with Timis, Vojvodina and Csongrad in the development of a project on youth. Trentino was also very active in the event on artificial intelligence last November in Brussels. Trentino is a great example of reactivation of an AER member which we want to celebrate altogether. Ladies and Gentlemen please give a very warm applause to our friends from Trentino!





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